EXM-800CS 200mm Wafer Mounter

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Taping Detaping Mounting Curing

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Wafer MOUNT & BG Tape REMOVER Multi-Function system with In-line LED UV irradiator TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION


  • Wafer Size : Up to 8 inch (To be specify wafer type prior to issue the PO)
  • Load Capacity : One (1 ) TTS Original Cassette Station
  • Unload Capacity : One (1) Unload Magazine Station
  • Cassette : SEMI Standard Open Cassette (Use Even slot only if use Bernoulli finger): or DSC
  • Frame Magazine : SEMI 25 Slots SEMI Standard 6” Frame Cassette: or SEMI 25 Slots SEMI Standard 8” Frame Cassette
  • Dicing Frame Type : DISCO Standard DF2-8 or Equivalent Frame Vender (To be specify wafer type prior to issue the PO)
  • UPH : 15 – 20 WPH (UPH depends on recipe setting)
  • Mounting Tape : Normal Roll shape tape (UV & non-UV tapes) or Pre-Cut Type tape(Option)
  • Remove Tape : Heat Seal tape Removal Function for BG Tape removal
  • CCD none contact alignment : CCD sensor and Bernoulli Finger type alignment for thin wafer
  • Long-life Roller Blade : Newly designed Roller Cutting Blade lasts up to 100,000 times. (Applicable for normal roll tape)
  • Heater Capability : Max 60 degree C±3 degree C @ Mount Heat Roller: Max 60 degree C±3 degree C @ Wafer stage with Soft Si Table: Room Temp (Roller Cutter)
  • Big LCD Touch Screen : Big color screen for user friendly and easy operations.
  • System Recipe capacity : 100 (Max)
  • Advanced Maintenance Design : Minimum-lubrication, Easy maintenance designs.


Wafer Mount & BG Tape Remove Function

  • Removing Module for BG Tape : Heat Seal tape Removal Function for BG Tape removal : Maximum applicable tape width: 75 mm
  • Soft Si Rubber Mount Table : Applicable Soft Silicone rubber Universal Table (With Full ESD controlled contacts are) Soft Silicone rubber table achieves highly secured wafer holding during Dicing Tape Lamination
  • Remove Table : Applicable Ceramic Universal Table for BG Tape Remove
Ceramic Remove Table

Ceramic Remove Table

Soft SI Mount Table

Soft SI Mount Table







  • Frame Stock Station : Frame Stock station equipped with frame Stock Detection and double frames detection
  • Applicable Mounting Tape Width : 8” Frame > 295mm (min) 330mm (max)


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Optional Function

  • Thin Wafer Capability : Micro Bernoulli Finger can be handle Thin wafer
  • Wafer Mapping Capability : Applicable Intellige nt Wafer Mapping at Loading Station
  • In Line LED UV Irradiat or : Intelligent LED UV irradiation meth ods UV Lamp Life Guaranteed 1 5,000 hours)
  • SECS/GEM :Applicable TTS Standard SECS/GEM capability following SEMI Stand
  • Frame Barco de Print & Reader : Applicable Integrated Frame barcode read er by Keyence, Printer by SATO.
  • Wafer ID OCR : High performance OCR Vision Engine by (Option must place PO together with equipment)


System Dimensions & Utilities

  • Dimensions : 1900mm (W) x 2500mm (D) x 1900mm (H)
  • Weight : ≈ 1800kg
  • Required Power : 200 – 240V, 3KVA Single Phase
  • Compressed Air : 0.6 MPa (70PSI) Minimum 120 NL / min
  • Vacuum Source : Minimum 600mmHg 60 NL / min

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