Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Tango Systems, Inc. is a leading innovator in high performance, cost-effective PVD systems. The Axcela™ 450 platform is the first in a new line of Cluster tools, based on the highly successful Axcela™ 200/300 platforms that are currently used in high-volume production all across the globe.

Over the last decade, Tango’s flexible Axcela™ 200/300 series has supplied tools for manufacturing in the Advanced Packaging, Hard Disk Drive (both Magnetic and non-Magnetic films), Ultra-thin films, Interposers and TSV markets, all with the industry’s lowest Cost of Ownership. The unique Small-Batch-Cluster architecture, coupled with the patent protected D-Source magnetron technology and unique ICP clean configuration made the Axcela™ 200/300 series tools the most flexible, reliable, and cost-effective systems in their class, capable of depositing anywhere from 10 angstroms to 10 microns with ease.


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