Sinmat is recognized as the leader in development of novel processes that enable chip and other manufacturers to develop more efficient devices and related products. It is singularly focused on providing its customers with customized planarization technologies that are critical in the manufacturing of computer chips, LEDs and power devices. Sinmat’s planarization technologies also enable manufacturing of advanced substrate materials, used in military and other critical sectors of the economy.

The company’s planarization technologies are based on several proprietary chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) processes. Used widely in semiconductor advanced materials, Sinmat’s CMP technology are enabled by its unique polishing slurries – an unique mix of nanoparticles and chemicals that smooth out rough topography and create defect free surfaces in a rapid reliable and cost effective manner – part of a rapidly growing $20B market.

Sinmat works interactively with customers to develop CMP processes customized for their applications. Employing a very robust R&D portfolio, Sinmat is pioneering the future of several new products based on novel CMP technologies.

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