Seal Tech was established 1986 in Korea. Since 1997, they’re supplying O-ring solutions as a primary vendor to Samsung, SK Hynix and LG. With the utmost development technology, Seal Tech is providing 100% organic materials for high-tech demanding industry’s needs.

Sealtech has been developing and setting an overwhelmingly competitive price with its production technology. They’ve developed production know-how with innovative cost reduction, as they were working with global customers.

By that, Sealtech developed a new and unparalleled, particle free, 100% organic technology with exclusive partnerships to World-class raw materials suppliers. With their solutions, customers can go beyond their expectation in cleanliness.

Sealtech has been collaborating with global partners for a long time, putting data-driven communication as a top priority.

The biggest plant in Korean Peninsula: Sealtech established a new factory with 991m² (10676sqft) size; having a new look, they take a new leap forward.

Brand Line Ups

  • Dupra is a FFKM brand of Daikin Industry. This advanced solution has been provided to Green Tweed in US and Seal Tech in Korea since 2000. It is comparable to Kalrez but with even better performance and pricing.
  • rectuz is a brand of Sealtech’s FFKM (Perfluoroelastomer), which was newly created in 2010 to quickly respond to customer’s needs and specific requirements, providing an excellent material for various custom solutions.
  • chemipol is the first fluorine O-ring for semiconductors, introduced in Korea since 1990. It is a classic line that has been widely used in the industry for a long time as Co-Polymer and Ter-Polymer solutions.

Services provided by Sealtech

  • Sealtech develops and produces various customized products, from FKM O-rings to FFKM valve solutions, striving better performance to better prices
  • Sealtech provides various analysis data from their professionals and advanced analyzing tools to develop optimized sealing solutions.
  • Having the concept of life-cycle extension in focus, Sealtech strives to achieve even better performance, compared to OEM parts, with advanced reverse engineering abilities.

Sealtech’s O-Ring Seminar, conducted since 2010, is a specialized program for engineers using O-Rings. Sealtech passes on know-how and details, learned from collaborations with local-leading professional engineers, who develop raw material