Power+Energy is leading the way to a hydrogen powered future with hydrogen separation, analysis and generation products based on its unique patented hydrogen technologies and its proprietary low cost automated manufacturing processes.

Our Mission

  • Provide accurate, low-cost, dependable Hydrogen Gas Analysis
  • Deliver high-purity Hydrogen for Fuel Cell Applications
  • Generate low cost Hydrogen from fossil, alternative and renewable fuels

With Power+Energy’s patented membrane separation technology, syngas generated from fuels such as natural gas, methanol, gasoline, diesel, propane, and ethanol can be converted into a stream of pure hydrogen gas with less than 1 parts per billion of carbon monoxide and sulfur, meeting the highest purity standards for powering a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell.

Power+Energy’s novel Hydrogen Elimination Measurement System (HEMS) technology enables the analysis of all impurities in a hydrogen in real time in a single instrument. HEMS can be used to qualify H2 fuel to the SAEJ2719 purity specification providing confidence to fuel suppliers, fuel station operators, regulators and consumers that their hydrogen fuel meets the purity specification required to ensure long life for the vehicle fuel cell.

For the semiconductor and LED industries, HEMS can detect part-per-trillion (ppt) levels of all critical impurities helping manufacturers to ensure that their hydrogen and hydrogen gas systems are sufficiently clean to produce high device yields.


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