Extremely fast and environmentally friendly, Eco-Snow’s “all-dry” CO2 cleaning technology offers unique advantages over conventional cleaning techniques. The Eco-Snow technology is cost effective, non-destructive, waste & residue free, and eliminates staining and corrosion without recontamination. Customers also gain a competitive advantage by having the ability to meet changing fabrication requirements with the following production advantages: superior cleaning performance, reduced cycle times, increased yield, small footprint, and lower cost of ownership.

With over 100 tools installed, Eco-Snow Systems provides CO2 precision surface process equipment for a broad range of cleaning applications.

  • MEMS
  • Solar
  • Photomask
  • Imaging Devices
  • Semiconductor
  • Compound Semiconductor
  • Disk Drive
  • Flat Panel Display (FPD)

As a leading innovator of dry CO2 technology, Eco-Snow Systems sets the standard for quality dry process cleaning solutions. The company holds over 25 U.S. patents and has R&D clean room facilities and analytical equipment to conduct process qualification and testing for customer application development.

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