Founded in 2004, Apple T has been growing steadily to become significant globally in the Refurbishment of TEL Tracks, including Mark7, 8, ACT8, 12 and Lithius. Starting from ACT tool refurbishment, including the supply of NEW Refurbished Tools and Parts support, Apple T has expanded its business area to Mark and Lithius.

Apple T can provide a wide range of various services from:

  • Refurbished TEL Track (ACT8, 12, Mark 7,8)
  • modifications, including Process unit Addition (COT/DEV/Oven), 4”,6”,8” conversion
  • Overhaul Track, T&H, TCU, and Pumps

System Improvement plus :

  • Wafer Backside Cleaning System (WBCS)
  • PR Dispense Detector System 
  • Water Leakage Protection System
  • PR Flow Meter System
  • LHP Cooling System

And More Part Support including Drivers, Motors, boards etc.


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