X-eye 6300AXI X-Ray Inspection Tool

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Metrology & Handling


Xray Inspection

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In-Line 3DCT AXI

  • High speed 3D In Line Inspection System (~4.3 sec/FOV)
  • Hybrid Tube with long life span for In-line purpose (10,000hrs/Filament)
  • Best Solution for both-side layered PCB
High-speed In-Line 3D CT Inspection System
Automatically inspects the defects of products in customer’s line with high-speed 3D CT tomography.
Able to inspect every defects of Double-sided PCBA & BGA mounted components precisely by solving overlapped X-ray image issue.
Inspection speed of 3 sec/1FOV from loading to automatic Good/NG judgement.

X-ray Tube 160 kV / 500 µA
Min. Resolution 0.8 ~ 15 µm
Table Size Min : 50 x 50 (mm), Max : 330 x 250 (mm)
Detector 10 M Pixel FPD
Objects BGA, Through Hole, BGA, Chip, QFN, QFP
Defects BGA Short, Bridging, Open, De-wet, Void, 홀 충진률
Dimension 1,356(W) x 1,880(D) x 1,695(H)mm / 4,000kg

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BGA Void / 3D Inspection
Through Hole Filling / 3D Inspection

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