WIND – Wafer Macro Inspection System

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Metrology & Handling


Optical Surface Inspection

Product Description:

▪ High throughput with dual lens system
▪ Chip inspection after sawing
▪ Kerf inspection
▪ Advanced D2D algorithm using golden die extracted from
neighboring 4 dies
▪ Verifying review module included
▪ Self-developed lens for wide field of view and good
▪ Real-time auto focusing module adopted
▪ Optional IR inspection to inspect defects, cracks and
chippings inside silicon.

Item Description
Inspected item RDL/WLCSP/CIS wafer & Bump Wafer & 3D Bump Height

Ring frame wafer (sawing wafer)

Wafer size Diameter: 200mm, 300mm, Thickness: 0.4mm~5mm

* Frame handling: 400mm frame

Load port Standard cassette / 25 wafers FOUPs / Magazine(MAC) / 2~3ports
Wafer alignment Pre- alignment zone: Flat zone or Notch position

Precision-alignment: Vision alignment before inspection

Cassette mapping Detection of wafers in the cassette on slot basis

Detection of cross-slotted or double-slotted wafers

Wafer handling Load time for the first wafer to inspection table à 30seconds

Wafer exchange time à 15 seconds

Wafer ID reader OCR (alphanumeric), Dot matrix and barcode
SPC S/W  – Yield data: wafer/lot

– Histograms: all 2D and 3D metrology/inspection results

– Reports: analysis by lot, wafer and die levels

– Filtering: Defects classification and filtering by defect types, sizes

Environment Class 10/1000, 15°-30°C(59F~86F), 50%~70% Relative Humidity
Power 208VAC±10%, 3Phase, 50-60Hz, 32A
Vacuum 0.45 bar, 0.25 liter/second
Pressured air 6~8 bar, 4 liters/second
Performance MTTA 15min. / MTTR 120min. / MTBF 1200hrs / >95% uptime

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