WaferMate300-2RT Buffer

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Metrology & Handling


Process Tool Automation

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The Chad WaferMate300-2RT™ Sorter/Buffer is a flexible wafer management system based upon CHAD’s proven WaferMate300 workcell.
The workcell is designed to be highly adaptableto a variety of handling requirements, and to minimize operator involvement for handling in process wafer product.
The workcell is ideally suited for clean, flexible,production environments where space is limited, and product is staged in small-tomedium sized lots.

Standard Accessories
• FOUP Opener
• SMIF pod Opener
• Open Cassette Loadport
• Open cassette shelf
• Aligner
• Barcode
• Mini environment
• Ionization bars
• Wafer flip module
• SECS/GEM interface
• Dual arm robot
Performance Specifications (single arm robot)
• Wafer alignment to +/-.05°
• Wafer Placement +/-50mm
• 180 wafers per hour (sorting, with OCR)
• 260 wafers per hour (stocking, no OCR)
• Cleanliness up to ISO class 1 (optional)
• Full SEMI compliance
• CE, S2, S8, E84, E87
• 98% Uptime
• MTBF 30,000 hrs

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Stocking Capacity
• 150 wafers per stocker module
• Up to Three stocker modules (standard workcell configuration – fixed robot)
• Four or more stockers (with robot mounted on track)

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