WaferMate200 Wafer Handling Automation Platform

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Process Tool Automation

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The WaferMate200 Series wafer handler is a highly configurable wafer and substratehandling platform that is primarily designed to handle Semi standard 100mm to 200mm wafers, but can also be configured to accommodate a wide range of other substrate types. The WaferMate200 is certified to meet CE, S2, and S8 requirements and is designed to meet ISO Class 4 cleanliness levels. The WaferMate200 can be designed to accommodate up to four (3) SEMI standard open cassettes and single or dual end-effector robots. Workcell  control and communication with the customer’s equipment host is streamlined via CHAD’s WaferWare software.

The WaferMate200 Series is primarily designed to accommodate a range of 50mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 200mm wafers without mechanical changeover.  It can also be configured to handle “non-standard” wafer types including thin, warped, double-sided, and rectangular substrates. The WaferMate200 Series can accommodate any SEMI standard open cassette.


  • Robot: +/- 100 µm
  • Pre-aligner: +/- 2.5mm+/- 0.05 deg. (theta)
  • Wafer Swap Time
  • Single arm: 20 sec
  • Dual arm robot: 4 sec (optional)
  • Cleanliness
  • ISO Class 4 (optional).
  • Reliability
  • Wafer Transfer Robot: 60,000 hrs
  • Compliance
  • CE
  • SEMI S2, S8 additional specs to be listed

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With appropriate end-effectors and other application specific tooling, the workcell is capable of handling the following materials:
• Silicon
• Glass
• Trenched
• Warped
• Thin
• Perforated
• Substrates
• Reticles
The workcell generally handles wafers warped to 1% of diameter without special consideration.  Up to 5% warpage has been handled with appropriate tooling.  Review of actual wafer samples is required in order to determine the appropriate tooling modifications.
Notch, flat, multiple notches and flats, no notches or flats can all be accommodated on the system.
CHAD can develop custom cassettes to accommodate warped and thin wafers.

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