WaferClean 2100EX + CO2 Cleaning System

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CO2 Cleaning

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The Eco-Snow WaferClean® 2100EX+ system removes particulate contamination, post-etch veils and fences, as well as thin-film organic residues from Silicon, Compound, MEMS and MR Head wafers. This is a stand-alone, automated CO2 snow cleaning system designed to accommodate wafers and pucks as large as 8″ in diameter or 8″x 8″ square. The multi-nozzle design enables the user to select the optimal nozzle for the application at hand. An ULPA filter and fan module is used to maintain an ultraclean (Class 1) environment inside the stainless steel cleaning chamber.

The system employs four robotic mechanisms to transfer and dry clean the parts:

  • Wafer transfer robot: moves wafers between the input cassette, the pre-aligner, the platen, and the output cassette
  • Pre-aligner: centers and rotates wafers into proper alignment before their transfer to the platen
  • Nozzle assembly: moves the arm containing the CO2 nozzles along the X- axis
  • Platen robot: rotates the platen and moves it along the Y-axis


• Superior cleaning performance
• Reduced cycle times
• No chemical waste
• Non-damaging clean of fragile structures
• High PRE down to nano particle size
• High throughput due to short cycle time
• High MTBF, low MTTR

• Stand-alone automated system
• Environmentally controlled Class 1 cleaning
• Cassette-to-cassette handling
• Dry cleaning system has a user friendly flat panel touch screen color display
• Wafer temperature control
• Internal dew point monitor
• Compact footprint
• Advanced ESD control
• GEM/SECS-II software
• Simple facilitization
• CE Marked, Semi S2, S8 compliant

Throughput Up to 60 wafers per hour
Par t sizes 3” to 8” Round [75mm to 200 mm]

Facilities Requirements
8” x  8” Square [200 mm x 200 mm]
Power 200-240V AC, 13 A, 50/60Hz, I phase
Carbon Dioxide Grade 5 Bulk or Cylinders
Purge Gas 2 SCFM [56 SLPM]
70 psi [5 bar] CDA or N2
PI Gas (option) 6 SCFM [170 SLPM]
100 psi [7 bar] CDA or N2
Pneumatic Gas 0.5 SCFM [14 SLPM]
85 psi [6 bar] CDA or N2
Exhaust Peak Usage – 7 SCFM [198 SLPM]
Nominal Usage – 2 SCFM [56 SLPM]
Connector – 2 x 2” round duct

System Dimensions
Footprint 50” wide x 52” deep [1270 mm x 1321 mm]
Height 79” [2007 mm]
Weight Approximately 1200 lbs [544 kg]

• GEM/SECS-II software
• Advanced ESD Control
• Wafer prealigner
• CO2 supply integration
• Rear service FPD touch screen
• Bar code scanner
• Wafer cassette scanner
• Uninterruptable power supply
• On-site spares kit
• Microsoft® Windows®operating system
• Unlimited, recipe driven, user inter face
• CO2 snow sensor

With over 100 tools installed, Eco-Snow Systems provides CO2 precision surface process equipment for a broad range of cleaning applications.

  • MEMS
  • Solar
  • Photomask
  • Imaging Devices
  • Semiconductor
  • Compound Semiconductor
  • Disk Drive
  • Flat Panel Display (FPD)

Removing post-etch veils by momentum transfer

Applying a very cold stream of CO2 causes the veil material to shrink and debond from the device features. Further physical pressure of the cryogenic particles breaks any remaining bonds and sweeps the particles off the surface leaving a completely clean, veil free devise.

Removing Particulates by Momentum Transfer

The impact of CO2 Snow dislodges small particles which are then swept away in the stream of CO2 gas. The Eco-Snow cleaning process can remove particles as small as 50 nanometers.

Metal lift-off by thermal contraction and momentum transfer

The metal layer undergoes a rapid contraction due to the chill of the CO2 spray. The contraction causes film delamination at the interface with the photoresist layer beneath. The CO2 snow peels the metal from the photoresist leaving the desired pattern exposed.

Removing Organic Film by Solvation

When the CO2 Snow impacts a surface contaminated with an organic film, it forms a transient dense phase boundary layer, then it rebounds off the surface carrying the contaminant with it. When the spent CO2 leaves the system it sublimes completely, eliminating the need for drying and for disposal of waste solvents.

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