Ultra-ECP 3xx Single Wafer Plater

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Single Wafer Wet Etch & Clean Systems

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High-performance plating

Plating is a key step in wafer level packaging (WLP) because it significantly influences the quality and electrical performance of the final product. ACM’s advanced plating systems complement our coaters, developers, etchers, scrubbers, etc. to provide virtually all the wet processing equipment that is needed for wafer level packaging — a total solution that can help users to optimize production and reduce costs.

ACM has been developing electrochemical plating systems since 1998 and presently offers equipment for Cu, Ni and Sn/Ag plating, as well as vacuum pre-wet and post-clean modules. ACM systems perform many critical WLP plating steps including pillar, bump and RDL. The plating tools can also be used in fan-out, TSV (Through Silicon Via) and TMV (Through Molding Via) processes.

The easy-to-use ACM plating systems provide uniform, high-speed plating using a specially designed process chamber that provides a strong and steady flow. The single-wafer, flat-type plating design also eliminates cross-contamination between baths.

ACM has numerous patents, awarded and pending, in many areas of plating technology — such as multi-zone anodes for superior uniformity control, rubber-seal plating chucks for superior sealing and elimination of plate-out issues, and vacuum pre-wetting of wafers.

Major Benefits

Cu Plating Chambers:

  • Separate anode chamber with membrane
  • Soluble Cu anode
  • Anode chamber auto-flush to simplify maintenance

Sn/Ag Plating Chambers:

  • Separate anode chamber with membrane
  • Soluble Sn anode
  • Anode chamber auto-flush to simplify maintenance
  • Contact ring plate-out auto-detection
  • Sn++ auto-replenish from anode to cathode

Ni Plating Chambers:

  • Separate anode chamber with membrane
  • Soluble Ni anode
  • Anode chamber auto-flush to simplify maintenance
  • In-line temperature control

Automated Additive Dosing

The additives of each electrolyte tank can be dosed automatically, controlled by amperage and/or bath time. Dosing pump and bottle volume are also recorded for timely refilling of the additive bottle.

Anode Auto-Flush

  • Faster, better, lower-cost automated anode chamber cleaning
  • Increased uptime
  • Elimination of human disassembly/reassembly errors
  • Reduced chemical exposure, increased safety

Features & Specifications

  • 8” and 12” wafer compatible
  • Main Hardware Configuration:
    • 3 load ports
    • EFEM with aligner and robot
    • 1 process robot
    • 4 pre-wet chambers, vacuum type
    • 4 cleaning chambers
    • 16 plating chambers: Cu,Sn/Ag, Ni
    • Dimensions: 2050 x 5950 x 2650 mm
  • Process Capabilities:
    • Uniformity: <5% (max-min/2 average)
    • Within-die uniformity: <3%
    • Repeatability: <3%
    • COP: < 2.0 µm
    • Throughput: 30 wph (pillar)

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