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Wafer Level Packaging Systems

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Advanced double-coat spin-coating technology

ACM’s semiconductor coating systems perform crucial steps in the wafer level packaging (WLP) manufacturing lithography process. These easy-to-use tools provide an even coating of photoresist chemical using innovative double-coat spin-coating technology.

The ACM coating tool enables the following processes:

  • HMDS application
  • Photoresist coating
  • Soft Bake

The coating process is the first and most crucial step in wafer level packaging, and it determines the quality of all the processes that follow, which is why ACM incorporates a number of special features and modules for optimizing the coating step. For example, these semiconductor coating systems provide Edge Barrier Removal (EBR) with absolute precision, and the tool’s core technologies allow it to help customers increase throughput while decreasing cost and downtime.

Major Benefits

Innovative Coating Method
ACM uses an innovative spin coating method, which coats the wafer twice. This improves the uniformity of HDMS and photoresist coating to eliminate bulge, depression, or “W” errors.

Precise Coating Control
This tool is designed to help easily control the thickness and uniformity of the coating, providing a better quality product. It contains state-of-the-art chemical temperature and flow rate control systems to ensure that chemicals are released at the desired amount and at the desired temperature throughout the process.

Auto-Clean Capability
This proprietary system can automatically clean the single-wafer chamber, removing all excess HMDS and photoresist that has been spun off during the process. The benefits of using our auto-clean system has many benefits compared to manual cleaning:

  • Significantly increased throughput
  • Increased uptime, reduced time and cost for chamber cleaning
  • Eliminates human errors from disassembly/reassembly
  • Increased employee safety

Hot/Cold Plate Module
An important part of the tool, the Hot/Cold Plate Module is controlled by a step motor that precisely controls the wafer’s spin speed and position. The module provides precise temperature control and uniform exhaust control to ensure a quality soft bake process.

Superior Technology
This system incorporates advanced component modules such as high-precision wafer transfer systems, superior fan filter & exhaust units, and independent control of process environment for each chamber. All these modules are designed for ease of use while delivering the desired coating thickness and uniformity. Easily customizable software also allows the tool to easily integrate into the production line.

Protecting the Environment, Reducing Costs
Because the company is committed to protecting the world’s environment, all ACM systems are fitted with chemical recycle and filter systems that serve to reuse chemicals, decrease waste — and reduce the user’s costs.

Features & Specifications

  • 6″ 8” and 12” wafer compatibility
  • Process module includes:
    • 1 to 3 sets of coating chambers including:
      • Auto cleaning function
      • ULPA FFU in each coating chamber
      • 1 to 2 types of PR nozzles in each coating chamber
      • EBR and BSR nozzles
      • Pre-wet nozzles
      • Front-side and back-side cleaning nozzles
    • 2 to 8 baking plates
    • 2 to 6 cooling plates
    • 1 to 2 HMDS module
  • Chemical and plumbing  module including:
    • 2 to 6  sets of PR pumps with de-bubbling systems
    • 2 to 6 sets of chemical delivery units for EBR, pre-wet or chamber auto-cleaning
  • Wafer transfer module including:
    • 1 to 4 load ports
    • Optical wafer-centering aligner
    • Robot with 2 to 4 vacuum or mechanical arms
    • ULPA FFU in robot bay

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