SAM- MINI Surface Acoustic Microscope

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Metrology & Handling


Wafer Dimensional Metrology

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Surface Acoustic Microscope for small Semiconductor and Industrial Materials. The valuable price with high performance and The smallest size of Acoulab-SAM series. Measures the location and the size of flaw (Debonding, Delamination, Crack) inside materials and on the Surface. High quality and accurate scanning Image. A, C, T Scan.

1. Ultrasonic Pulser/Receiver
  • Frequency Range : 1 – 50MHz
  • Enough frequency bandwidth to inspect the most of IC’s packages with EMC.

2. A/D Converter

  • Real time 500MS/s Sampling Rate, 8bits

3. Mechanical Scanner

  • Scan Axis (Linear servo motor)  Max. Speed 750mm/s Repeatability +/-1 micron Encoder Resolution 1micron
  • Index Axis  Micro-stepping motor with lead screw, Step Resolution 1 micron
  • Vertical Axis  Micro-stepping motor with lead screw, Max. Stroke 80mm, Step Resolution 1 micron

4. General

  • Immersion Tank Dimension  430mm X 410mm X 90
  • C- Scanning Area with T-Scan  350mm X 100mm X 80mm
  • Main Unit SIZE  720mm X 715mm X 425mm
  • Weight  Approx. 35kg

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  • Semiconductor : BGA, QFT, TBGA, FBGA, SOP, FET, MLCC, PCB
  • Industrial : ITO Target, Wafer, Pipe, Plate, Bar, complex Material, Piston test, Flaw detection in Planting, Weld zone

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