SAM- VEGA Surface Acoustic Microscope

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Product Type:

Metrology & Handling


Wafer Dimensional Metrology

Product Description:

Scanning Acoustic Microscope for Semiconductor and Industrial Materials.
  • Measures the thickness of materials
  • Measures the location and the size of flaw (Debonding, Delamination, Crack) inside materials and on the surface.

Standard type SAM equipment:

  • Low noise by using the highly efficient linear-servo Motor
  • Natural scanning & Improve of the S/N[signal-to-noise] Ratio
  • High quality and accurate scanning Image
  • Auto sliding door system
  • Auto loading/unloading System
  • A, C, T Scan

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  • Semiconductor: Flip Chip, BGA, QFT, TBGA, FBGA, SOP, FET, MLCC, PCB
  • Industrial: ITO Target, Wafer, Pipe, Plate, Bar, Complex Material, Piston test,
    Flaw detection in Planting, Car Engine, Weld zone

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