SAM- CYGNUS Surface Acoustic Microscope for LED, Sapphire Wafers

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Metrology & Handling


Wafer Dimensional Metrology

Product Description:

  • Wafer Transfer Robot is installed as this is the instrument for testing Wafers
  • Wafer Map, BCR reader, Wafer Pre Aligner, Spin Coater System are installed
  • High performance, high speed and accurate scanning system
  • Water jet scanning system
  • Flaw detection by auto scan of the probe installed 3 axis scanner
  • Signal lamp and safety sensor

1. Ultrasonic Pulser/Receiver
  • Frequency Range : 1 – 500MHz
  • Low noise, high performance pulser/receiver derives the ultrasonic signal of ultra wide-bandwidth characteristics from the transducer.
2. A/D Converter
  • Real time 2GHz Sampling Rate

3. Wafer Transfer Robot

  • 4″~6″ Wafer
  • R-Axis 470mm
  • Z-Axis 200mm Stroke
  • Repeatability 0.05mm
  • 1Kg Load Capacity
4. General
  • Scanning Area  4″ x 6″
  • Repeatability  +/-0.002 mm
  • Main Unit SIZE  1800mm X 1100mm X 1400mm
  • Weight  Approx. 750kg
  • Power  AC220V / 30A (1Phase)

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Detection of defect by Sapphire wafers for LED applications

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