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AXUS technology is specializing in remanufacturing of chemical mechanical polishing, Wafer Grinding & Wafer Cleaning Equipment as well as the supply of upgrades and spareparts. Strasbaugh 6EG nHance – CMP Wafer Polisher
Its semi-automatic operations are programmable through a color touch screen graphical user interface (GUI) for repeatable and accurate process control.
The 6-EG uses the same process control methods, wafer carrier, load station and pad conditioner as the fully automatic 6DS-SP chemical mechanical polishing system. The 6-EG is an affordable 300 mm solution.

This semi-automatic planarizer features

  • advanced process technologies resulting
    in production-quality performance and
    easing the transition from development
    to production.
  • These technologies include, Strasbaugh’s ViPRR carriers,
    Multi-Zone Back Pressure, nVision Optical and Motor Current Endpoint,
    Powered Pad Conditioning and the HydroLift Load Station.
  •  ViPRR carriers reduce edge exclusion,
    control center-to-edge uniformity, and
    improve overall performance and reliability
    in Vision Optical & Motor Current
    Endpoint, featuring SmartPad technology,
    improves wafer-to-wafer consistency
    by stopping the process at the precise moment required
  • Operations are programmable throughan intuitive touch-screen graphical user interface
  • Programmable operations include: variable speed spindle, variable speed
    table, backpressure, and pad conditioning  Process recipes are transferable to the
    fully-automated nTegrity and nTrepid CMP Systems for high-volume production
  • Programmable Powered PadConditioner increases pad life and
    improves uniformity by proviiding 10
    zones of variable control (sweep,
    downforce, RPM)
  • Closed-loop table and spindle RPM
    motors help ensure consistent process
  • HydroLift Load Station and spindle flush
    eliminate front-side contact and reduce
  • Air-assisted downpressure system

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The Strasbaugh 6-EG model is an economical tool for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) research, failure analysis and low volume production.

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