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Purity Chem Pump

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The Champion SL20 was engineered specifically for chemical slurry applications. The purpose of this pump was to provide our customers with a high purity, low maintenance slurry pump that would improve the yield on fragile processes. The outcome was a unique design called Cross Phase Discharge™, which creates a near pulse-less overlapping discharge cycle. This means a significant reduction in shear effects that can cause slurry agglomeration commonly seen as a result of using standard AODD pumps.

In addition to an innovative design, the SL20 is quick and inexpensive to service. It requires only check valve components and diaphragm replacement, which can be done on-site by your own technician.

  • shaft-less design
  • no metal parts
  • safe, pneumatic operation with clean, dry air or nitrogen
  • non-penetrated, double layer PTFE diaphragms
  • high suction capability
  • user serviceable
  • clean room assembled, tested, and packaged

Max Flow

23 LPM (6 GPM)

Max Temperature

212 °F (100 °C)

Max Pressure

80 PSIG (0.55 MPa)


PTFE/PFA fluid path




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  • Semiconductor/Electronics
  • LED/Flat Panel
  • Chemical
  • Chemical Processing
  • Slurry
  • Aerospace

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