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The conventional dicing tapes (our product; HUV-S3000 series etc.) do not have heat resistance.
– There is no heat-resistance in UV curable adhesive .When UV curable adhesive is heated by 50 °C or more, the adhesive residue occurs and adhesive strength does not fully reduce after UV irradiation.
– Heat-Resistant grinding tape is UV curable type, and even if it is heated up 150 °C in your process for 1 hour, it can easily be peeled from the work after UV irradiation, and there is  little generating of a adhesive residue.


The Dicing Tape is ideal for use on: EXM-800CS 200mm Wafer Mounter from TTS


We also offer:

  • Heat-Resistant Tape
  • Thermal Release Tape
  • Polyimide Tape

– Heat-Resistant tape “HUV-7000 series” has three kinds of Lineup.
• HUV-S7125  is Single-sided tape and UV curable type.
• HUV-D7125  is Double-sided tape and UV curable type.
• HUV-D7125-30/10  is Double-sided tape with one side of non-UV adhesive and other side of UV curable adhesive.
– These products are processing all the processes in a clean room.

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