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ScrubBELT, abrasive belts used with ScrubWRIGHT to clean VAT valves and Electrostatic chucks

  • A unique tool for cleaning small, hard to reach areas.
  • Interchangeable belt-shaped Diamond ScrubBELTS® in various grits create a versatile instrument perfect for polishing stains, scratches and process-induced residue from scratch sensitive surfaces.
  • Spring adjustable for easy mounting and rotation of ScrubWRIGHT® ScrubBELT®.

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  • Improved Cost of Ownership. Enables in-chamber cleaning of parts and eliminates Downtime and High Cost associated with removing and sending parts out for cleaning.
  • Helps Reduce Particles. Effectively removes deposition from areas Critical to Process (Edge of ESC, Beam Defining Apertures…) to prevent unwanted flaking.
  • Safely Removes Deposition from Sensitive Areas. Use Diamond ScrubBELT® directly onto a small area of deposition, preventing excess wear in surrounding areas.
  • Reduces Damage to Critical Parts. Eliminates having to use Scotch-Brite™, razor blades and ceramic knives.
  • Wide Selection of Diamond ScrubBELTS®. Allows for quick removal of deposition from aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic, glass, quartz and anodized surfaces.

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