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Diffusion Furnaces

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Refurbished & rebuilt, customized & enhanced for superior value

In addition to making fully new systems, Expertech also is a supplier of Remanufactured Thermal Processing Systems based on horizontal or vertical furnace platforms. (For example, we remanufacture Thermco furnace series 4000 and 5000). Expertech maintains an inventory of used systems available for rebuilding to custom customer requirements.

For Remanufactured Systems, the units are:

  • stripped to the bare frame as needed which is then repaired and repainted
  • rebuilt from the frame up using 15% reused long life components (frame, panels, transformers) and 85% new components (new gas system, new electronics, etc.).

During that process the system can be:

  • customized to the customer’s process requirements
  • enhanced with additional options added.

The result is a system ready to meet processing demands at a significant cost saving over a fully new system.

Contact S3 Alliance with your requirements and inquire about availability of a remanufactured system.

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