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PolyCLEAN, continuous-filament fiber knitted Wiper for Green energy manufacturers cleanroom conditions.

  • PolyCLEAN® is a lightweight, knitted-wiper constructed and processed to meet clean room requirements.
  • It is washed and packed in our integrated wiper and swab manufacturing facility to ensure lot to lot cleanliness and consistency.
  • PolyCLEAN® is constructed from a continuous-filament fiber to resist shedding particles due to abrasion, making it the perfect choice for applications where cleanliness must be matched with cost control.

PolyCLEAN® Wipers

Size: 9″ x 9″
Size: 9″ x 9″

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• Washed and processed in a Class 10 environment making it ideal for particle sensitive wiping applications.
• Available in a black fabric for inspection and cleaning verification procedures.
• Amide and Silicone free for disk drive applications.
• Cut, washed and packed in our state-of-the-art integrated wiper facility to ensure product consistency.
• Ideal for applications requiring cleanliness and control of costs.

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