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PolyCHECK® Wipers are designed to allow engineers and technicians to validate the cleanliness of critical surfaces. PolyCHECK® Wipers employ a white fabric on one side and a black fabric on the other side in order to give clean room professionals a unique particle detection tool. Ideal when used in conjunction with SEM Analysis.


  • Eliminates the need to contact SEM stubs and tape to critical chamber surfaces.
  • Allows for faster analysis of particle sources during tool excursion events.
  • Perfect for defect analysis involving SEM stubs.

Part No.                      Description     Size                            Bag/Case Qty

HT5291K-5                Wiper             9” x 9”                        5/Bag, 200 Bags/Cs

HT5291K                   Wiper              9” x 9”                        50/Bag, 24 Bags/Cs

HT1501FCW-5          Flexible           6” Paddle Tip              5/Bag, 100 Bags/Cs

HT1501FZW-5           Swab               6” Paddle Tip              5/Bag, 100 Bags/Cs

HT1587FZW-5          Swab               5” Square Tip             5/Bag, 100 Bags/Cs


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  • Ideal for Go/No Go validation checks in vacuum maintenance procedures.
  • Excellent general purpose swab for Semiconductor, Medical Device, FPD and Hard Disk Drive manufacturers.
  • PolyCHECK® Swabs enable frequent inspections to monitor for particles that may back scatter into process chambers

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