Okamoto VG-502MKII8 Grinder

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AXUS technology is specializing in remanufacturing of CMP, Wafer Grinding & Wafer Cleaning  Equipments as well as the supply of upgrades and spareparts. The Okamoto VG-502 is a fully-automatic, continuous in-feed grinding machine, designed to grind semiconductor raw materials such as silicon, carbide, ceramics, glass and other brittle materials quickly and with high accuracy. High RPM capability for vacuum chuck speed and grinding wheel speed delivers improved grinding conditions, resulting in high quality surface finish.

  •     Automated high throughput two stage grinding.
  •     Angular control of grinding spindles for consistent uniformity and customized substrate Profile.
  •     Capability for grinding 4” to 8” wafers, including custom shapes.
  •     Four wafer chucks on carousel allow for maximum throughput with the Minimum wafer handling.
  •     Thickness control monitoring provides real time process control.
  •     Simple maintenance and exceptional reliability.

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