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  • The Notch Finder Automatic “NFA”, automatically aligns wafer notches in either the up or down
  • Notch up or down orientation is switch selectable.
  • Notch finding is automatic once the cassette is placed on the notch finder.
  • The patterned side of the wafers never touch the carrier during rotation.
  • “NFA” is carrier orientation specific so that the cassette fits in only one direction.
  • All aluminum parts are hard black anodized for corrosion resistance.


  • Power:110-220 V.A.C. 50-60 hertz
  • Wafer Size:4″, 5″ & 6″
  • Dimensions:5.75″ (W) x 10.2″ (D) x 7.0″ (H)
  • Wafer Size:8″
  • Dimensions:6.5″ (W) x 12.0″ (D) x 7.75″ (H)
  • Weight:10 Lbs. Approx.

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