Mini SEM 4500M Plus

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Metrology & Handling


Equipment Cleaning, Scanning Electron Microscope

Product Description:

SNE-4500M Plus model provides ease-of-use and the best performance of all.  Fast moving by fully motorized stage and easy to find sample analyzing location with

Top-view CCD camera.

SNE-4500M Plus has magnification of Maximum 150,000X, and it is optimized to surface / cross section analysis with the wide stage composition.

A type: SE detector and high vacuum

B type: SE & BSE detector and high & low vacuum

 Navigation Camera Mode

Sample Images Snap shot: Image saving function / Image rotates with Rotation / contrast and brightness adjustment function.

Stage Control Mode

X, Y, R, Z, T – 5 axis moving, Motor speed control, Move to Home, anti-collision function.

Recipe Function

Save location (up to 6) and recall -> re-analyse the same location

Able to save SEM analysis conditions and re-analysis in the same condition.


Electron System
Plus A : 5nm (30kV, SE Image)
Plus B 5nm(SE), 8nm(BSE)
Magnification 20x~150,000x
Accelerating Voltage 1~30kV (1/5/10/15/20/30)
Plus A : SE(Secondary Electron)
Plus B : SE/BSE(back Scattered Electron) *Dual Detector
Electron Gun Pre-centered Tungsten Filament Cartridge
Stage System
Stage Traverse
X : 40mm, Y : 40mm, R : 360˚, Z : 0 to 40mm, T : -45 to 90˚
5-axis Moterized
Max. Sample Size 80mm in Diameter x 35mm in Height
Image System
Automation Function Auto Start, Auto Focus
Image Format BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF
Vacuum System
Vacuum Mode
Plus A : High Vacuum
Plus B : High & Low Vacuum(Multi)
Vacuum Pump Rotary Pump / Turbo Molecular Pump (Full Automation)
Main Unit 390(W)x380(D)x560(H)mm, 88kg
Controller Unit 390(W)x325(D)x560(H)mm, 37kg
Rotary Pump 400(W)x160(D)x340(H)mm, 24kg

Material Science
▶ Metal / Ceramic Surface, Fiber Texture
▶ Particle Distribution and Size Measurement
▶ Failure Analysis – Corrosion, Stress
▶ Wafer, Bonding Wire, LED, Micro-Pattern
▶ CNT (Carbon Nano Tube)
Biological / Pharmaceutical
▶ Food, Bacterial, Medicinal Powder
Life Science / Energy
▶ Solar Cell, Battery Electrode, Catalyst
Education / Healthcare



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