MidBeam 2.0 Mains Handheld Lamps

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Metrology & Handling


UV Light Inspection

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MidBeam 2.0 is a small handheld lamp with excellent coverage for its size. The lamp is available as battery or mains (AC) operation. If a hands free inspection is required the lamp can easily be mounted on a friction arm or on a flexible arm.

UV Intensity at 38 cm (15’’): >5 000 μW/cm2

Beam coverage at 38 cm (>1200 μW/cm2): ≈ 200 mm (7.9’’)

Installation: Handheld or fixed installation using a flexible arm or a friction arm.

Regardless of what cleaning methods you use to clean your machined plastic or metal parts from contamination, you need to validate that the part is clean. If inspecting the cleaned parts with Ultra Violet light, you will detect contamination that is not possible to see with the human eye. By adding UV inspection to your quality process you ensure that clean parts are delivered to your customer.

Products sensitive to contamination must be assembled in a certified clean room or in a clean environment. It is of utter importance that the parts are clean prior to entering the assembly. Illuminating the parts with Ultra Violet light prior to entering the clean room decreases the risk of contamination.

If your assembly process doesn’t include the use of a classified clean room, a Cross Flow cabinet could be very efficient. The cabinet keeps the air clean and the assembly process secured. However, the parts need to be clean when entering the cabinet. By inspecting the parts with Ultra Violet light inside the cabinet you ensure that the parts are clean prior to being assembled. Most often the parts are inspected using white light, ultra violet light can detect particles almost half the size.

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