IPEC 776 Automated CMP System

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AXUS technology is specializing in remanufacturing of CMP, Wafer Grinding & Wafer Cleaning  Equipments as well as the supply of upgrades and spareparts.The IPEC 776 is the most widely installed dry-in, dry-out orbital CMP platform available. The 776 includes a fully automated wafer handling system with a Spray Station Assembly used to remove slurry particulates and keep the wafers wet throughout the process.

our wafer planarizers

  • Integrated double side PVA cleaner
  • Three cassette tlter load/unload station
  • Buff station
  • Advanced pad motion control
  • High speed polish drive (0-600 RPM)
  • Closed loop delta P control
  • Endpoint detection system
  • Robot R1/R2/R3 equipped
  • Stainless steel polish bell
  • Pad conditioners (2)
  • Upgraded 500MHz Pentium

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Production-proven for oxide, shallow trench isolation (STI), polysilicon, tungsten, and copper planarization applications

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