Ion Sputter Coater G20

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Metrology & Handling


Scanning Electron Microscope

Product Description:

Ion Sputter Coater G20 is an equipment that creates plasma on the surface of nonconductive and slightly conductive specimens to form metallic thin films and is a pre-treatment equipment that must be carried out when analyzing electron microscope (SEM). The target is mostly gold(Au) or platinum(Pt), and depending on the condition of the specimen, the thickness can be changed by adjusting the current and time.

  • Easy Operation with 7” Touch Screen
  • Vacuum-Auto Coating-Vent w/ One Touch Operation
  • Parameter Saving with Library Function(Max.10)
  • 7 Sample Stubs(Φ14mm) Together in Chamber
  • Prevent damage to Specimens(Low Current:1~10mA)
  • Minimize Footprint with Compact Product Size
  • Very Good Uniformity with Pirani Gauge Inside


  • Current : 1 to 10mA(1mA/Step)
  • Time : 1 to 600sec(1sec/Step)
  • Library : Max. 10 different coating condition
  • Plasma : 0 to 9(Plasma on/off to minimize sample damage)

Vacuum Degree 2.0 x 10-2torr
Ion Current 1 to 10mA (1mA/step)
Target Material Au or Pt
Chamber Size Φ140mm(D) x 100mm(H)
Sample Stage Φ50mm(D) x 30mm(H)
Target Size Φ50mm(D) x 0.1(T)
Sputter Time 1 to 600sec (1sec/step)
Vacuum Pump 100L/min, Rotary Pump (Recommended)
Dimension 380(W)x 240(L) x 250(H)mm, 10kg

● Metal thin film coating on the surface of nonconductive and slightly conductive specimens
● Metal thin film deposition such as Au and Pt by sputtering deposition method
● Micro structure Analysis or Failure Analysis(Broken Sections) (Materials and products such as semiconductor parts, ceramics, metals, powder, etc)


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