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Optical Surface Inspection

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– IC Package Substrate Reject Marking /
2D Barcode & Serial No. Marking System

▪ Reject, 2D barcode and Serial Number Marking at once on Standard Machine.
▪ Available for Electrolysis / Electroless / OSP Plating Products with ATI Specialized Marking Illumination.
▪ High Marking Accuracy with 10um Resolution which is the Highest Resolution of Laser Marking Machine.
▪ Able to Apply CO2, Green and UV Laser Depends on Customer Request.
▪ Marking Accuracy : ±50um
▪ Interleaf Handling Function (Optional)
▪ Sorting Function (Optional)

Item Description Remarks
Wafer Size 300mm Normal wafer
Wafer Thickness Capability 600um ~ 1700um
Cassette FOUP & FOSB
Laser 532nm Green Laser
Laser Orientation Bottom top
Field of marking Max 170 X 170mm²
Throughput Wafer ID (including verification inspection) Die Marking (500 die per wafer,

inspect 1 die per marking region)

wafer per hour
> 50 WPH  > 30 WPH
Marking Side Top & Bottom
Making type WaferID marking (with verification after marking) and

Die Marking (with verification after marking)

Wafer Handling Function 1) Load wafer, laser mark face, unload face up

2) Load wafer, laser mark face, unload face down

3) Load wafer, laser mark backside, unload face up

4) Load wafer, laser mark backside, unload face down

Size & weight Main System: (W)2660x(D)1660x(H)2080mm, 3t

Laser Power System: (W)750x(D)598x(H)764mm, 0.15t

Dust Collector: (W)450x(D)530x(H)800mm, 0.08t

Required environmental condition Vibration: ISO VC-B class required

Temp: 59F~86F, Humidity: 50%~70% Relative Humidity

Power 220VAC, 3phase, 50~60Hz, max 30A

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