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The GSX Series of Scribe and Break tools are factory refurbished GST systems. The GSX is upgraded with a new set of controllers and amplifiers, and runs on the highly advanced software of our flagship DTX Automatic Scribe and Break platform.


The GSX provides a low cost alternative to our flagship DTX system, while still providing many of the DTX’s advanced features, and is available as an upgrade to your existing GST or through the purchase of a factory refurbished GSX system.

As the GSX is built upon existing systems and does not require the manufacturing of a new machine, it is also an excellent option for organizations that are focused on environmental impact.

The GSX includes an upgrade to Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system allowing for increased system support both by Microsoft and Dynatex.

The GSX runs on upgraded software previously exclusive to our DTX systems. This superior software is easy to use and includes our advanced vision system to process a wide range of application types. The GSX also includes remote system access for diagnostics, training, and troubleshooting by Dynatex’s experienced team of field service engineers.

Additional features of the GSX include:
  • High precision production and R&D functionality
  • Automatic Mode for load and run processing
  • Interactive/Semi-Automatic mode for operator controlled sequencing/processing
  • User friendly GUI for ease of process setup/use
  • Integrated scribe and break stages
  • Multiple break types/assemblies available
  • Up to 150 mm wafer and small piece processing

Wafer Size GSX-100 / GSX-150
100 mm / 150 mm Dia.
X Y Stage Resolution 0.25 micron (Hi Resolution System)
1 micron minimum step (accuracy)
Theta stage resolution 0.001 degree
Axis controllers Galil Multi-Axis Controller Set
System Remote Access RJ45 LAN – 100 MB/s Ethernet
Allows for remote support/service and diagnostics, and process assistance.
Operator interface (Monitor #1) GUI with Keyboard/Mouse input
Operator control
Operator interface (Monitor #2) Live video monitor
Live wafer/process view
Safety Locking hood; EMO switch
PM Schedule 6 months (Bi- Annual)

There are currently no videos available.


  • BioMedical devices with sensitive structures
  • BioMedical Glass with coatings
  • RFICs
  • Si-Photonics III-V chips
  • Laser Diode Cleaving and Matrix Bar-to-Die separation
  • OptoElectronics Devices (PhotoDiodes, Modulators, etc.)
  • MEMS
  • LEDs

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