CP150 Series High-Precision Automation Platform

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Metrology & Handling


Process Tool Automation

Product Description:

Enhanced Capabilities

  • Metrology. Jabil designed and delivered non-contact metrology solutions that increase production thoughput and repeatability.


    • Ability to identify cosmetic defects, coating thickness, gaps, and offsets
    • High-speed multi-angle light triggering
    • Custom AI Defect generation software
  • Optical Inspection. The inspection capabilities allows you to identify and measure micron-level defects and surface flaws to ensure your products maintain the highest standards of quality.


    • Cosmetic Defects
    • Coating Defects
    • Surface Finishes
    • Gaps and Offsets
    • Color and Gloss


      Lamination. With the ability to align, place, and cure, the lamination capabilities delivers a streamlined process in your manufacturing processes.


      • Alignment repeatability within 10 microns
      • Scaleable for a variety of rigid and flexible material combinations
      • Non-contact “Bernoulli End-Effector” loading and unloading of materials
      • Automation Planarity Adjustment
  • High-Speed Final Assembly. When it comes to high-speed, high-precision assembly to deliver robust capabilities designed to help you achieve your manufacturing goals.


    • Label Placement
    • Point-to-Point Soldering
    • Precision Dispensing
    • High-Speed Pick and Place
    • Vision Based Alignment
    • Robotic Screw Fastening

Key Features

  • Platforms can be configured in any orientation ensuring optimal support of interrelated processes, production speeds, and quality levels

  • Modular Z-axis and Theta axis (optional) available

  • Multiple Vision location options (up-camera or down-camera)

  • Standardized mounting flanges and control interfaces
  • Quick-change feeder mounting available

  • OSHA and ANSI compliant

Key Benefits

  • High-Flexibility. The CP Series allows for a variety of configurations that can support any number of interrelated processes, production speeds, and quality levels. Configure pallet or edge-belt conveyors with a either a reversible left-to-right or right-to-left conveyor flow to optimize your manufacturing processes.

  • Multiple Levels of Automation. The platform supports a wide range of processes, ranging from semi-automatic to fully-automated modes, to help support your manufacturing objectives.

  • Redeployable. Future proof your investment by re-deploying the CP Series workcell for various applications. Common interfaces enables rapid change-over of applications; saving you time and money.

CP150 Specifications

Machine Footprint
  • 1495mm (w) x 1275mm (D) x 1800mm (H)
  • 1495mm (w) x 1275mm (D) x 2268mm (H) – With Light Tower
Work Envelope 700mm (X-axis) x 700mm (Y-axis)
Axes of Motion
  • 4 Axes (X, Y, Z, T) – Standard
  • 3 axes optional, Up to 16 axis compatible
Z Max. Stroke 100mm – Standard
Theta 360° – Standard
Manipulator Payload Rated 3kg, Max. 6 kg (on Z-Axis) – Standard
Manipulator Repeatability
  • X, Y, Z ±25μm
  • T ±0.005°
Utility Requirements
  • Power 220VAC ±10%, 50/60Hz, 25 Amp
  • Air 5.2-6.9 bar, 57 L/min
Product Presentation Edge Belt Conveyor, Pallet Conveyor, Manual Load, Dual Shuttle, Rotary Table
Feeder Slots Available Feeders (Label, Tape, Reel, Tube), Tray Loader/Unloader, Manual Load Stack
Electrical I/O
  • User I/O – 24 VDC, 16 General Purpose Inputs / 16 General Purpose Outputs (NPN)
  • Expansion I/O – 16 Inputs / 16 Outputs per expansion card (NPN)
  • Remote I/O – 20 Inputs / 12 Outputs per Remote card (NPN)
Pneumatic Remote valvebank(s) optional, Remote Vacuum Optional
MES Connectivity Jabil ARVIS Visual Programming Environment
  • Advantech PC with Windows 10
  • Beckhoff TwinCAT3 Controller

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  • Metrology
  • Optical Inspection
  • Lamination
  • High-Speed Final Assembly

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