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Axcela™, the best in class sputtering system has demonstrated process superiority and stability with uniformities of <0.3% 1σ over last 10 years.  The easily configurable design, allows the customer to select the most optimal process for a given application. Designed for the lowest cost of ownership (CoO) and easy serviceability, each sputter chamber has the standard capability of depositing up to 3 different materials with an optional 4th material.

The Small-Batch-Cluster architecture makes this PVD system an excellent choice for most metallization applications, including BSM (Back Side Metallization), MEMS, TSV (Through Silicon Via), UBM (Under Bump Metallization) and RDL (Re-distributed Layer).

The Axcela™ System Advantages

  • High Throughput
  • Low CoO
  • Small Footprint
  • Wafer Size Flexibility
  • Process Flexibility
  • Application Flexibility
  • High Reliability
  • No remote subsystems

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Axcela System Configurations

The Axcela™ system can be configured with many combinations of pre-clean and PVD chambers, depending on wafer size, process and throughput requirements. A 200mm and a 300mm chambers are shown below.

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