RAVE N.P., Inc. formed the new division after acquiring certain assets of the St. Petersburg, FL operation of Intelligent Micro Patterning LLC (IMP). AMP will be headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida and provide maskless lithography products to industry and academia. These products are based on the Smart Filter Technology and patents exclusively licensed from the University of South Florida. The new division will be able to immediately provide the SF-100 XCEL, SF-100 XPRESS and SF-100 XTREME products that were developed and commercialized by IMP. AMP will also provide support for past IMP customers who have already purchased these systems.

ADVANCED MICRO PATTERNING (AMP) headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida.  AMP systems provide maskless lithography to industry and academia.  AMP products are based on Smart Filter Technology with patents exclusively licensed from the University of South Florida.  AMP provides the most flexible maskless lithography systems on the market.  AMP systems can easily pattern silicon wafers and photomasks with features as small as 0.6 microns.  AMP’s real strength is being able to pattern non-standard substrates that provide unique material, size, and performance advantages to the user.  AMP systems can even pattern curved and non-flat substrates with patterns a few microns in size.  For more information visit www.intelligentmp.com.