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S3 Alliance signed a new distribution agreement

S3 Alliance signed a distribution agreement with Labino of Sweden. Labino is enhansing S3 Alliance portfolio for cleaning activities. Lisel Athanasiadis, Managing Director, statet: „Labino is very proud to be a new partner of S3 whom has the expertise in clean room applications. Together we can improve the verification process in the clean room and support the market with tools as well as knowledge.“





S3 Alliance – NDS/NPMT Partnership

We are happy to announce that S3 Alliance and NPMT sign an exclusive distribution agreement for Europe.

NPMT manufactures Dicing saw, blades, delivers UV Dicing tape as well as mounting machines. Another department is supplying Grinding wheels for hard Materials (SiC, Sapphire, GaN).
Thomas Riedel stated: „we are very happy to work with NPMT, relying on high quality Japanese technology delivered with lower Taiwanese manufacturing costs. These products also enhance S3 Alliance portfolio“

TITAN head retrofit for an IPEC472 CMP

TITAN head retrofit for an IPEC472 CMP

Axus has delivered a TITAN head retrofit for an IPEC 472 CMP system to the Fraunhofer ENAS  in Chemnitz.

Dr. Gottfried commented:

„With this retrofit we gain huge flexibility and a much better process performance at the same time. From now, the IPEC 472 is able to work with 150mm and 200mm advanced membrane carriers. Running the equipment in manual or semi-automatic mode, as usual in R&D environments, requires less than 15 minutes for a diameter conversion. In addition, an 100mm membrane carrier specifically developed by Axus, enables for the first time an advanced CMP process capability for 100mm substrates. In summary, this retrofit gives a second life to IPEC 472. It opens a broad range of R&D work using advanced CMP process setups for a number of years. The process quality is comparable to standard CMP tools in semiconductor fabrication. To give an example: we are able to achieve less than 3% non-uniformity on an 200mm wafer for an oxide CMP step.“